Middle School

Welcome to Middle School

Annie Wright Middle School provides students with a sound academic foundation in a supportive environment, where structure and routine are balanced with the freedom to explore and develop individually.
At AWS, we intentionally celebrate the years between elementary and high school as a time when our students grow dramatically in their independence, in their ability to think globally, and in their desire to make connections and define who they are as individuals. Our extraordinary teachers, unique experiences, and student-centered program create a supportive and encouraging community as students embark on their MS journey through the lens of the International Baccalaureate.

There’s a special feeling in our Middle School, one I encourage you to come and experience for yourself, and it fundamentally centers on the value we place on knowing each student. Strong, supportive relationships are the foundation of our community and ensure our students have the support needed to become great communicators, thoughtful inquirers, deep thinkers, and healthy risk takers capable of engaging in rigorous academic challenges.

Our students are curious: Through domestic and international travel innately woven into the curriculum, our students are exposed to and gain a deeper understanding of other communities and cultures beyond their classroom walls, as well as a greater appreciation for their role and impact on the world beyond AWS

Our students are empathetic: Engagement in service is at the heart of the IB with our students in each grade engaged in regular service within our local community throughout the year. In Grade 8, students are designing and carrying out year-long service projects to help better our community as part of their culminating experience.

Our students are creative: Exposure to a robust design, visual, and performing arts programs allows our students to explore their interests in creative problem solving, acting, set design and creation, orchestra, improv, textile arts, songwriting, and a plethora of other artistic experiences. The options are bountiful and ever-evolving, occurring in and out of the regular school day.

Our students are active: Involvement in competitive sports is encouraged to promote teamwork and allow students to grow as skilled athletes. Beginners are embraced and welcomed, while athletes with greater experience can find success with high levels of coaching and competition.

In a nutshell, the Middle School experience at AWS is not the norm. It’s truly a place where students thrive through scaffolded independence. Strong relationships form through acknowledgment that each student is unique and that growth occurs over time. 

But the best way to really understand our community is to come to campus and meet our students and faculty; we can’t wait to welcome you for a tour or student visit day so you can witness this all firsthand!

Clare Wagstaff-Brown
Director of Middle School

Middle School Parent

"My child was able to explore extracurricular interests and discover her strengths in them, while finding peers that enjoy similar things. She traveled the hemisphere with her classmates, and now feels ready to interact with the world."
    • Clare Wagstaff-Brown, Director of Middle School