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Upper School for Girls

Annie Wright Upper School for Girls prepares students extraordinarily well for college, offering small classes, independent-minded peers and an exceptional faculty. An International Baccalaureate World School, Annie Wright has offered the rigorous Diploma Programme, considered the gold standard in international education, for Grades 11-12 since 2009.
Welcome to the Upper School for Girls at Annie Wright Schools. The privilege of leading this community of engaged, passionate, and generous learners counts as one of the great honors of my life. As you explore Annie Wright, and specifically, the USG, I think you will understand why. You’ll recognize the power of this student body, and the possibility represented by the multitude of educational paths available at Annie Wright Schools.
Maybe you are a dedicated scholar who already knows which course of study keeps her reading and researching. You could be headed toward a breakthrough in the science lab or a solo on stage. You might feel determined to earn the International Baccalaureate Diploma or you may be intent on assembling a remarkable portfolio in the arts studio. You may devote hours a week in the gym, dominating on the court or the field. You might be a skilled debater or a passionate advocate. Perhaps you’re a generous listener, gifted at comforting others. You may find that several of these strands form the cord that will connect you to our community.
We are strong individuals here in the USG. We walk in the footsteps of students who have forged this path for almost 140 years. We value our traditions, but we are courageous enough to challenge them too. We raise our hands. We raise questions and issues and in doing so, we lift each other up.
That’s what I’d most love for you to discover about the Upper School for Girls. Our students encourage each other relentlessly. They nominate each other for awards and break into spontaneous dance parties when needed. They don’t take themselves too seriously, but they seriously support each other.
And they have the support of a remarkable, expert, and caring faculty. At Annie Wright, students learn to partner with their teachers to take charge of their own learning. They learn to advocate for themselves, this experience equips them to do so in college and beyond. Annie Wright students understand the power of mentorship. Prepared for leadership, Annie Wright alumna become mentors themselves.
I hope you are already picturing yourself here on campus. We’d love to help you see that vision more clearly. Please consider visiting us or setting up an introductory meeting. We look forward to learning more about you and the ways that you may contribute to the power and possibility of the Upper School for Girls.

Best wishes,
Eireann Corrigan
Director, Upper School for Girls

Here's a glimpse of AWS Upper School for Girls

"We believe in Annie Wright and everything they have to offer students. The education is priceless and sets a standard above all others. Children are happy and happy children love to learn."
-Annie Wright parent
    • Eireann Corrigan, Director, Upper School for Girls

USG traditions

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  • Ring Dessert

    In this springtime event, the Upper School for Girls' sophomore class throws a reception for the juniors and their parents in the Great Hall. The sophomores give speeches honoring the juniors and gift them a small piece of jewelry.
  • The Spade

    The oldest tradition in school history, the Spade is a small shovel covered with class ties. Each year the newly graduated class hides the Spade on school property. On the first day of school, a student from the newly graduated class returns to provide an obscure clue for the new senior class who then works together to find the Spade before they are allowed to petition the faculty for their Senior Privileges. Failure to find the Spade before Halloween results in
    a black tie adorning the handle, and the seniors must share privileges with the junior class.
  • Senior Privileges

    When the seniors find the Spade, they formally petition the faculty for exemptions or bending of rules, such as permission to leave campus during lunch, small changes to uniform, etc.
  • Step Songs

    Following the Awards Ceremony on May Day, all the doors to the school are locked except the front door and one other. The junior class has to find the open door, and then Step Songs can begin. The juniors begin and sing one verse about the other classes and the faculty. Songs are traditionally humorous and/or touching. In between each verse, they say “step” and move up a step. The sophomores and freshmen then sing shorter songs, also in tribute to the seniors. The seniors cap the evening off by singing the Alma Mater.