Tacoma Scholars

Investing in Students. Investing in Tacoma. What is a Tacoma Scholar?

Annie Wright Schools launched Tacoma Scholars to provide an AWS education to Tacoma students who come from historically excluded communities. We recognize, however, that lasting change will only be realized through professional opportunities and economic advancement. For this reason, the arc of Tacoma Scholars extends from enrollment in Grade 9 through the Scholar’s first post-college job. By providing a world-class education, support and mentorship throughout college, and access to AWS’ vast professional network, we will create opportunities and affect change. The time for such work is long overdue.

Tacoma Scholars launched in the fall of 2021. The annual class of Scholars includes four Tacoma students—two boys and two girls—with an aim to enroll four additional Grade 9 students every year. Each student receives a full scholarship (including laptop and books) and support to engage our robust travel program.

The cost of funding Tacoma Scholars is significant, and while Annie Wright Schools could fundraise the full tuition for each Scholar, our intention is different. As a member of the Tacoma community since 1884, we see this work as ours to do in partnership with donors. And so, Annie Wright will fund 50% of each Scholar’s tuition from our financial aid budget; donors will fund the remaining 50%. Donors are not investing in Annie Wright; they are investing with Annie Wright. More importantly, they are investing in Tacoma students. If you are interested in being such a donor, and want to impact change through education, we invite you to join us in this critical work. Together we can give Tacoma even more reasons to be proud.

Students Eligible to Apply for Tacoma Scholars Must

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  • Be a current eighth grader

  • Live in Tacoma or attend a Tacoma public school or Chief Leschi

  • Identify as a Student of Color

  • See financing an AWS education as a significant obstacle

  • Have an adult who will support and advocate for them in partnership with AWS

  • Meet the AWS admissions requirements

  • Complete a financial aid application via Blackbaud Financial Aid Management.

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