Upper School

Welcome to the Upper Schools

For students in Grades 9 through 12 who are ready to develop authentic passions and make a well-rounded education their priority, Annie Wright Upper School for Girls & Upper School for Boys offer an extraordinary and enduring educational experience.
We incorporate international standards of excellence and give students the opportunity to do all the things they love in authentic and meaningful ways. The Upper Schools draw on Annie Wright’s rich traditions of single-gender education while providing inquiry-based and innovative programs.

Our student-centered mission puts strong relationships with teachers and best practices in inquiry-based learning at the heart of all we do from Preschool to Grade 12. Within this culture, teachers also recognize that boys and girls often learn differently, and they celebrate their unique strengths and learning styles. Incorporating a range of pedagogical best practices that can appeal to different kinds of learners, teachers in the Upper Schools expect the success of each student and teach with that expectation in mind.


Coordinate Education

The Upper Schools at Annie Wright Schools combine a single-gender environment with opportunities for shared activities and social interactions. Our coordinate Upper Schools enable girls and boys to study in a single-gender academic setting each school day, then participate after the academic day in coeducational arts activities or single-gender activities, dependent on student choice. Activities are non-graded, optional elective opportunities allowing students to engage more fully in selected areas of passion or interest. Upper School students of both schools at Annie Wright participate in scheduled social activities together outside of class hours, in the dorms and on weekends.

Upper School Parent

"The way I hear both of my students interject in dinnertime conversations about history contexts or scientific findings or global events is consistently impressive. Oh, what these kids are learning — and how they are being empowered to think!"