At Annie Wright Schools, we foster a culture of fearless exploration and impact-driven action among our students, nurturing their ability to effect change in the world. 
Our travel programs are a cornerstone of this ethos, designed to broaden perspectives and empower students at every stage of their education. This intentional blend of a rigorous IB curriculum and purposeful travel experiences equips our graduates not only with academic prowess but also with a profound understanding of the world around them. Armed with this unique combination, our students confidently navigate life's challenges, embodying the essence of the AWS mission.
Travel - local, national, global - encourages students to self-advocate, to be good global citizens, and to challenge their own perspectives. Annie Wright believes every student should be able to engage in these opportunities regardless of financial means. To that end, all school trips - from local inquiry visits and overnights, to Middle School Journeys and Upper School retreats, expeditions and (s)Elective travel - are included in tuition.  


Middle School Student

“While traveling with AWS, I learned a whole other way of living in the moment and enjoying what you’re doing. I connected with people and made stronger friendships.”

Lower School

Our Lower School students regularly participate in field trips (referred to as “inquiry visits”) across the South Sound to advance their understanding of the central ideas borne from their PYP units of inquiry. These trips progress to local overnight experiences in Grade 4 (Soundview Camp) and Grade 5 (NatureBridge).

Middle School

In addition to a variety of local trips that happen throughout the year, perhaps the defining element of the AWS Middle School experience is the Journey. Grade 6 students travel to California, Grade 7 to the Southwest and Grade 8 to Costa Rica. These adventures begin in the classroom and culminate with exciting trips focused on exploration, independence, bonding, and curricular ties.

Upper Schools

Once students hit the Upper Schools, their adventures span the country and globe. In the 2022-2023 school year alone US students traveled to Japan, England, France, Mexico and Argentina as well as New York City, Los Angeles, Atlanta, San Diego, and Washington DC.

Upper Schools offer a broad range of opportunities for travel, including (s)Electives trips, international exchanges, grade-specific retreats, and dorm outings. In addition, this school year, we launched two brand new travel experiences for our Upper School students. Grade 10 students chose between three international destinations (Belize, Greece and Iceland) and embarked on a weeklong Expedition that incorporated a combination of world history and environmental science curriculum with a variety of exciting excursions.