Lower School


Part of the magic of Annie Wright Schools is what happens outside of class time. 
From enriching on-campus experiences to local travel opportunities, as well as arts & athletics programming, Lower School students have plentiful time and space to pursue their passions in and out of school.

On-Campus Experiences

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  • Talent Show

    Once a year, Lower School risk-takers have a chance to show off their skills to the entire division, whether that be through dance, gymnastics, music, comedy, or even hula-hooping while solving a Rubix cube, at our annual Talent Show. 
  • Student Council

    Teaching responsibility, accountability and leadership skills is an important part of our Lower School program. Students in Grades 3-5 serve as class representatives to the Lower School Student Council.
  • Gator Gatherings

    Each week, LS students gather in our historic Raynor Chapel to discuss current events and happenings, share performances or songs, and spread positivity by highlighting fellow students who have lived up to one or more IB profile attributes.
  • Arts

    The arts are alive at AWS! From art classes to private music lessons to theatre performances, students have many options to explore and hone their artistic crafts. Learn more about LS Arts here.
  • Athletics

    In addition to several Physical Education classes per week, Annie Wright offers Lower School students opportunities to participate in competitive sports teams right at school. Learn more about LS Athletics here.
  • Extended Day

    Offered daily for students in Preschool through Grade 8, ED runs in the morning and after school until 6:00 pm. Families have the option to add-on robust arts and athletics offerings. Find information about ED here.

Off Campus Experiences

Lower School students venture off campus many times throughout the year on “inquiry visits,” which are each connected to a unit of inquiry within the Primary Years Programme (PYP). Usually, these also tie in with other signature projects at each grade level.

Some Examples of Inquiry Visits

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  • Kindergarten

    During their unit on living things, Kindergarten students visit Schilter Family Farm in the Nisqually Valley.
  • Grade 1

    Grade 1 visits the Pierce College Planetarium while they are learning about space.
  • Grade 2

    As a part of Grade 2 students’ Force in Motion unit, they visit the Museum of Flight. After getting inspired by real-life aircraft, they create and test their own airplanes and vessels for the Air Show & Egg Drop projects!
  • Grade 3

    Grade 3 travels to Northwest Trek as a part of their unit on animals and impact by humans.
  • Grade 4

    While learning about leadership and styles of government, Grade 4 heads to the Washington State Capitol building. They also tour the UW neuroscience center during their brain unit as a part of the “Who We Are” PYP theme.
  • Grade 5

    Grade 5’s overnight trip to NatureBridge is anchored in their unit on how actions impact the environment. In addition, they visit an exhibit at the Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle as part of their unit on how voice can invoke change.