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AWS Students Earn 1st and 3rd in Chinese Language Competition

On March 17, four Upper School girls, Simran Rakhra, Jaskiran Pental, Sitara McMillin and Kayla Mathurin, and one Upper School boy, Eli Dugan, participated in the Confucius Institute's Chinese Bridge competition for Chinese proficiency for Washington high school students in Seattle. Simran, who has only studied Chinese for three years, got first place.

For the contest, students delivered a three-minute prepared speech and then answered a few questions from the judges regarding the speech content. Simran's speech was about her experiences in a boarding school in Canada and at Annie Wright, and how knowing Chinese language and culture gave her completely different dorm experiences in these two schools. Simran spent fewer years learning Chinese than most other contestants, but the AWS community helped boost her Chinese language proficiency outside the classroom.

Jaskiran won third place. In her speech she reflected on the role her dad plays in her Chinese learning journey. Her dad was deeply touched by speech. The other three students all did a wonderful job. They delivered their speeches with confidence and answered questions well in the Q&A sections.