How Can IB... a Thinker?

Welcome to our 2022-2023 community gathering series! Each month will focus one of the ten IB learner profile attributes. Speakers will volunteer to engage with our school community about what it means to live out that particular attribute. This month, we are focusing on the characteristic "thinker."


Madrienne White and Olivia Courville of the Muckleshoot Tribe presented last week as a part of our community gathering series. They spoke about the wide variety of work they do within their tribe, from relationship building and community outreach to environmental stewardship and data collection. They gave us an overview of tribal politics, economics, history, and also shared about the Muckleshoot scholarship program, which funds education for all tribal members as part of an effort to create ongoing generations of thinkers, creators, and innovators. At the end of their talk, Olivia gave us a brief language lesson, explaining the significant work she does in teaching and maintaining their language, and taught us some words from the Puget Salish dialect. We are so grateful to Madrienne and Olivia for offering a unique and enriching perspective to our own community of thinkers!


Rowan G. ’26 shared a presentation on King Ludwig II, whose troubled life and mysterious death remind us of the importance of thinking outside the scope of the world that we currently reside in. King Kudwig II was a romantic. He was fascinated with classics like Shakespeare and other marvels from the past, and was generally regarded as odd or even mad. Using his example, Rowan reflected on the beauty of finding the ability to dream within a world that encourages us to think practically & logically. She encouraged listeners to take a lesson from a man who did not fit in with the times he existed in, but who still had the courage to dream and imagine something better.
Rowan shared: “We romanticize the past as an escape, creating a fictitious world where we feel most ourselves, and that’s who we are. I believe that humans, in their natures, are dreamers. However, our world is set up against this, we are programmed to keep up with our ever-changing modern society, a society that has no time for our own worlds. That’s why I find King Ludwig’s story so inspiring, because he lived in his own world, constructed fairytale castles out of dreams, and created his own beauty, defying the traditional ideas of a leader, and becoming his own king.”


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