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2021-2025 Strategic Plan Update: Engage the Tacoma Community & Beyond

The fourth strand of our 2021-2025 Strategic Plan tasks AWS to "Engage the Tacoma Community and Beyond." Critical to this strand is the belief that a thriving Tacoma is critical to a thriving AWS, and the school has begun to implement several initiatives in support of this work.

  • We are pleased that Director of Community Engagement Alicia Mathurin has joined with Director of Arts Annie Green, Director of Athletics Mike Finch, US Assistant Director of Student Experience Dubois Hines and Chapel & Service Coordinator Dymphna Bloodworth to create our Community Engagement Team. They are charged with intentionally identifying, designing and exploring how the AWS community engages with Tacoma through the arts and athletics, through service, through partnership, and through learning. In addition to exploring and expanding Annie Wright's role in Tacoma and beyond, the team works to also increase the visibility of these opportunities within our school community.
  • Director of Athletics Mike Finch and Director of Arts Annie Green have continued to deepen our community's expertise developing partnerships with local athletics club teams and coaches to enhance our athletics offerings at all divisional levels, and creating opportunities for local artists and arts organizations to deliver three seasons of unique and exciting arts classes like African drumming, weaving, puppetry and improv, among many others. After School Arts classes feature private instructors from Tacoma Little Theater, T.U.P.A.C., The Grand Cinema and many more!
  • Director of Community Engagement Alicia Mathurin is working with Head of Schools Jake Guadnola to finalize a summer residential program for Tacoma high school students. The goals of this program are to empower Tacoma youth to listen, learn and understand the needs and challenges of Tacoma, and develop a true understanding of the underlying causes and challenges. Alicia hopes this group will include 2-3 students from each Tacoma public high school (and Chief Leschi). Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks!
  • Despite COVID, the school has continued to seek ways in which the campus can be opened strategically and intentionally to community groups. In November, the school welcomed T.U.P.A.C. to the Kemper Theatre to perform the Urban Nutcracker, and in April, we hope to find new ways to bring in the community through our next Community Engagement Day. This bi-annual event is sponsored by the Upper Schools Community Engagement (s)Elective, advised by Dymphna. Stay tuned for more details!