2021 Upper School Artist Laureate Program Launches

Annie Wright Upper Schools are deeply committed to supporting and nurturing the artistic talent and vision of our students. In turn, we are pleased to announce the selection of our 2021 Visual Artist Laureates. After engaging in a comprehensive application process - including developing a concept for new work and rationale for selecting a medium - seven Laureates were named across both Upper School divisions. In early June, these students connected with professional Tacoma-area artists (see 2021 Artist Mentors below) who provided inspiration and mentorship around concept development and artistic process. Over the summer months, the Laureates will create a portfolio of 3-5 works, being reimbursed up to $200 for supplies or other formative resources. Their process culminates with a “Laureate Showcase” event; allowing each share to share their vision, process, and products with family and community guests. Stay tuned for more information about the Artist Laureates’ progress, and save the date for their Laureate Showcase on September 23, 2021.

2021 Visual Artist Mentors
Lourdes Jackson: A Tacoma artist who works in all kinds of mediums and scales. He is taking the Tacoma arts scene by storm as a mural artist, portrait artist, product designer, and activist. Check out an interview with Lourdes and see his work here.

Elise Richman: A professor of painting at University of Puget Sound, and a regionally and nationally showcased artist and theorist. Elise specializes in process-driven explorations of color and the material world. See her range here.
Veronica Sauer ’86: An AWS alumna and Seattle area artist. Veronica has studied art history all over the world and is known for creating vibrant acrylic portraits including the newly commissioned “Annie” now featured near the entrance of the newest building on campus. See her work here.
2021 Upper School Visual Artist Laureates
Logan Hancock ’22 
Concept insight: 3-D sculpture reflecting nature, dreams, and deer.
Intended mediums: recycled plastics, aluminum
Emma Len ’22 
Concept insight: “...to explore the many ways emotion can be displayed; through color, expression, and body language.”
Intended medium: paint

Molly Mesec ’24
Concept insight: Representing characters and animated memes of an original, post-apocalyptic graphic novel where rebels restart the world.
Intended medium: digital

Angela Wang ’23 
Conceptual insight: 1) visual explorations of Spanish culture and 2) illustrative advocacy around drug resistance.
Intended mediums: digital, watercolor, acrylic, other 3-D mediums

Ruixi “Reese” Wang ’24 
Concept insight: A collection of pieces centered around homeless animals. Some pieces may invoke sorrow and need, while others may invoke joy and hope.
Intended mediums: mixed media including photographs, news stories, acrylic paintings
Fanya “Lilan” Yuan ’22 
Concept insight: “Shanghai, my home city, was the first city in China that started garbage classification. I have noticed people are paying attention to what they are throwing away and I keep thinking what can be done differently.”
Intended mediums: plastic caps, disposable masks, plastic straws

Yaxin “Doris” Zhu ’23 
Concept insight: “...examining art in history is ultimately the study of human civilization that preserves human history with all its wisdom and mistakes and makes us contemplate the perennial in life.”
Intended mediums: oil, canvas


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