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AWS Board Doubles Down on Giving Amidst Pandemic

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary leadership and our Annie Wright Schools Board of Trustees has answered the call. The twenty-four Trustees were challenged to set the tone and foundation for this year’s effort by making a stretch gift and they responded with 100% participation and a total contribution of $93,250. This doubles their 2019-2020 total.

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented Annie Wright Schools with challenges ranging from health and safety precautions to educating students in multiple modalities and time zones. Our Trustees have made a commitment to invest in tools, resources and personnel to ensure we emerge a stronger Annie Wright community. This means committing funds that could not have been anticipated amidst the budgeting process in fall 2019 to fulfilling these needs. This makes support of Gators Give especially crucial this year.

"The Board of Trustees was asked—and with unity and leadership answered and exceeded their own Gators Give challenge," shared Michele Cannon-Bessler, Chair of Annie Wright Schools' Board of Trustees. "They do so with full hearts and confidence in the enduring strength of Annie Wright community. Our full Board of Trustees gave generously with clarity of the Schools’ mission, and determination to be poised in strength for generations to come. Everything we envision now, everything we do now,  everything we give now,  prepares us for the future and its challenges."

Funds raised by Gators Give will help support our immediate needs while securing the long-term strength and stability of our school and the programs we love. Make your gift at