Annual Philanthropy Report 2016-2017

Thank you to all of Annie Wright's donors, supporters and volunteers. Your investments in Annie Wright support excellent education, inspire teachers to dream big for their students and bolster this iconic institution. Your generosity is Annie Wright's strength.

Donors are recognized for their contributions to Annie Wright Schools during the fiscal year of July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017.  Thank you also to the many individuals and institutions who gave anonymously.

2016-17 Donors to the Annual Fund

List of 6 items.

  • Visionaries Society: $10,000+

    Rex and Angela Bates
    Bates Family Foundation | R. Jim Bates*
    Betty Lou (Ervin) Broderick '53
    Jane (Weyerhaeuser) McFee '60
    Pamela Hyde Smith '63
    The Bamford Foundation
    The Hyde Foundation
    Emily (McFadon) Vincent '49 & Bobby Vincent
  • Founders Society: $5,000-$9,999

    Anonymous x4
    Bobby's Fund Foundation
    Robert Bessler and Michele Cannon Bessler
    Julia and William Cho
    Judith (Yengling) Forkner '63
    David and Jan Haley
    Lara Herrmann
    John and Sara Long
    Laurie McCoy
    Forrest Miller and Linda Sferra
    Jamie and Sandra Murray
    Merrill (Wagner) Ryman '53
    Susan (Backus) Stoller '66
    Christian Sullivan and Lisa Isenman
    The Broadway Street Fund
  • Arches Society: $2,500-$4,999

    *Denotes individuals who have already left their legacy to Annie Wright Schools.
    Auto Warehousing Co. (The Seher Family)
    Dave and Cappri Boitano
    Catherine Close
    Anne (Middleton) Foster '70
    Julie Gesch '96
    Brody and Chanda Kunz
    Phyllis Lewis
    Lucky Seven Foundation
    John Newman
    Marjorie Oda-Burns '66
    John and Lynne Parrott
    William and Dorothy Philip
    Loie Robinson
    Benjamin Seher
    Stephanie Seher
    Calvin Springer
    Dingfu Yuan and Hui Wang
  • Pioneers Society: $1,000-$2,499

    Mario and Maricielo Alinea
    Sally (Peterson) Atherton '66 and Bob Atherton
    Autodesk Matching Gifts Program - USA
    Feng Cai and Jing Xu
    Charles Carlson and JoAnne Aitken
    Catholic Health Initiatives
    Douglas and Cynthia Chaney
    Hongliang Chen and Jin Qiu
    Li Chen and Feng Yu
    Stephanie Cook '88
    Karen (Smith) DeBolt  '92
    James Defebaugh and Kristina Maritczak
    Jill Dobbins
    Shirley (Robbins) Baskin Familian '38
    Marcia and John Gaven
    Google Inc.
    Helori Graff
    Greater Tacoma Community Foundation
    Jake Guadnola '90MS and Stacey Guadnola
    Thomas and Jennifer Hanly
    Margund (Primus) Haskell '61
    Suzanne and David Hattery
    Randall Holland and Rebecca Benko
    Bill Hulseman
    Margaret and Paul Isenman
    Hao Jing and Guoqiang Xu
    Jane (Weyerhaeuser) Johnson '81
    Joshua and Dana Johnston
    Nicholas Kaiser
    Drs. Manuel and Silvia La Rosa
    John and Patricia Lantz
    Haengjin and Ho Cheon Lee
    James and Mary Leise
    Mark P. Timken Charitable Trust
    Delinda (McCormick) Mix '50
    Marcia and Richard Moe
    Derry Ann Moritz '53
    Brian and Catherine Mulhall
    Lowell T. Murray
    David Overton and Katherine Steuart
    Sonia Pal
    Yash and Veena Pal
    Cordelia (Hartwell) Puttkammer '57
    Martha Ann Salt
    Lynn (Beaty) Sealey '61
    Mary and Gary Sigmen
    Sara and Mark Simons
    Erin (Fletcher) Slayton '97
    Steve and Virginia Stringfellow
    The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven
    Mark and Heather Timken
    Diane (Hibbard) Vadnais '57
    Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
    Xuechun Wang and Huiling Xu
    Washington Women's Foundation
    Muriel (Macdonald) Will '38
    Olivia Williamson '86
    Jie Xu and Zhong Zheng
    Ramana and Lakshmi Yerneni
    Claire (Gruenwoldt) Zaner '92
  • Innovators Society: $500-$999

    Abbie and Michael Andersen
    Maria Anulacion and Hao Nguyen
    Laura Bales '85 and Geoffrey Dugan
    Shawn and Patricia Briggs
    Bette-Jo (Simpson) Buhler '38
    Janna Bushaw
    Christina (Engl) Carroll '60
    Tenley and Eric Cederstrand
    Albert Chen and Stephanie So
    Robert and Corinne Collie
    Gary and Diane Connett
    Norm and Suzie Dicks
    Jamie and Matthew Dunning
    George and Laura Edman
    Erik and Maggie Eliel
    Tony and Kala Escobar
    Grace and Mike Finch
    Diane (Dapper) Freeman '59
    Katherine (Parks) George '61
    Gayle and Judson Gray
    Laura and Travis Groves
    Jennifer Haley '89
    Paul Hughes
    Andrew and Jennifer Johnson
    Samara and Timothy Laynor
    Shannon Leenstra and Jesse Fike
    Lamar 'Mardi' Leland '58
    Todd Leone and Katrina Rayls
    Marilyn (Earley) Lepape '52
    Jian Li and Xiaohong Zhang
    Hian Kiat Kwa and Pamela Lovell-Kwa
    Scott and Laura Moody
    Elizabeth (Ayrault) Moses '48
    Justin and Amanda Nelson
    Luan and Linh Nguyen
    Nordstrom Employee Charitable Match and Volunteer Program
    Tracy and William Ostrom
    Esther Park Hwang and Chan Hwang
    Eric and Kelly Prime
    Elizabeth (Dunn) Schilt '48
    Pauline (Williams) Sutton '46
    Bhabiswar and Nia Tiwari
    Michael and Keiko Vier
    Ying Zhang and Jie Ni
  • Friends of Annie Wright: $1-$499

    Melanie and David Aamidor
    Percy Abram
    Keliko Adams
    Aerojet Rocketdyne Delivers
    Alaska Airlines, Inc.
    Clifton and Jan Alferness
    Mary Ann (Ball) Allen '76
    Brenna (Gray) Allen '81
    Deborah (Kalahan) Altschul '71
    Gabrielle Aluskar
    Grant and Tamara Anderson
    Elizabeth (Dunn) Andreini '81
    Claude Andrew and Dana Deckard
    Shawn and David Edwards
    Eric Anton '97LS
    Haroon Anwar and Shannon Mandel
    Margaret Archbold
    Debbie Arthur
    Harriet Bailey
    Norma (Demick) Baker '45
    Susan (Rooney) Baldwin '59
    Victoria Ball
    Jeff and Laura Barber
    Anne (Murray) Barbey '38
    Julia Bates '90
    Susan and Barry Bauska
    Erin (Lombard) Beasley '53
    Guillaume and Aimee Beaurpere
    Scott and Terry Beck
    Dianne (Wotton) Bell '57
    The Yamamoto Family
    Jennifer Bills
    Robert Black and Beth Sherrill
    Jeffrey Blake and Janelle Guirguis-Blake
    Mark Blanchard and Deby Tingley
    Roberta (Allen) Bowman '56
    Thomas Boyd and Elizabeth Swain
    Jill Boyer
    Rebecca Brickman-Salamone and Steven Salamone
    Medina and Jay Broadenax
    Anna Brooke '56MS
    Matt and Amy Brooke
    James and Kathy Brooke
    Debbie and Michael Brown
    Sarah Bryant Wilcoxen and Charles Wilcoxen
    Judy (Tytler) Buennagel '82 and Jan Buennagel
    Hannah Burdge '92
    Chad Burrington and Lia Knight-Burrington
    Tyana Burslie '99
    Sandra Bush
    Poppy Bushnell '74
    Maurine (Roper) Butterworth '67
    Angelica and Patrick Calcote
    Gretchen (Collins) Campbell '60
    Colette Candy
    Kirsten Carlson and Chris Allen
    Diane Carney
    Ember Carroll and Benjamin Howard
    Patricia (Sutherland) Carver '45
    Ashley Casey
    Donna Casey
    Arturo and Patricia Casillas
    Taylor Cassell '09
    Toni (Wolfe) Chambers '68
    Catherine (McCurdy) Chatalas '58
    Kang Hae and JiYeon Choi
    Kyle Christensen
    Lorraine and Jeff Clare
    Sheri and Jim Clark
    Carla and Larry Clark
    Ann (Gowen) Combs '52
    Sarah and Jaime Comstock
    Tommy and Janice Conkright
    Kristina (Gaiser) Conner '64
    Steve and Wendi Cook
    Nancy Cook
    Oona Copperhill and James McCormick
    Ian Corey-Boulet
    Paula and Ernst Coumou
    Brian Crawford
    Anelisa and Michael Cristobal
    Emma Cuthbertson
    David B. & Edward C. Goodstein Foundation
    Malcolm Davidson
    Tom and Lois Deckard
    Dayna (Smith) Delgado '99
    Maria Delgado
    Nina Delmon
    Christopher and Emy DePretis
    Diane Dick and Mathew Autio
    Ann Dickman '63LS
    Ann and Ryan Dicks
    Bradford Dillman and Joanne Clarke Dillman
    Richard and Karen Dinicola
    Camille (Seeley) Dokken '61
    Donate Well
    Andrea and Thomas Donovan
    Michael Churng and Kate Dorr '96
    Scott and Susan Doten
    Troy Droubay
    Sara (Magoon) Dudgeon '65
    Pamela (Stevens) Dunn '64
    Francesca Eastman and Edward Goodstein
    Marie (Dodge) Eaton '64
    Phyllis Ann (Snyder) Ebersole '59
    Carmen Eddins '54
    Stephen and Cathy Elder
    DeWayne and Joan Enyeart
    Pam and Mike Epeneter
    Katherine Everitt
    Jack Fallat and Christine Nettle
    Claire Fallat '08
    Barbara (Hufford) Farron '45
    Gregory Ferencko and Lauren Stasiak
    Barry Fick
    Andrew Fitz and Martha Lantz
    Alice Flores
    Logan (Love) Forehand '92
    Craig and Claudia Fransen
    Matthew Frantz and Karen Doten
    Mark and Kathryn Fraser
    Claire (Heilner) Freedman '51
    Jeff Freshwater
    Margaret (Woodhams) Fuchs '60
    Erin and Joe Gann
    Elizabeth and Michael Gettel
    Amy and Alex Gibson
    Mrs. Bruce Gilpin
    Daniel and Frances Givelber
    Wendy (Severin) Goldfein '71
    Richard Gould
    Philippe and Debra Grandjean
    Wendy Grant
    Annie and Brian Green
    Christine (Smith) Griffiths '95
    Margaret (Smith) Grimes '87
    Jeff and Annie Grosshans
    Chris Gruber and Miriam Amdur
    John and Julie Guerard
    Sylvia Haase '58
    Timothy Haddad and Bonnie Hill
    Michael and Amy Haedt
    Carol Hagen '92
    Stuart and Mary Hake
    Alison Hale
    Marilynn and Bob Hale
    Kristin and Michael Hall
    Laurie (Grenley) Hallen '63
    Brook and Terrance Hamilton
    Hurlaine (Johnson) Hamilton '69
    Zachary Hansen
    Pamela Hanson '70
    William and Daniella Harrington
    Rita and Charles Harrington
    Robert and Tiffany Harrison
    Emma Hartmann
    Alyssa Harvey '06 and Greg Hudson
    Angela and Nicholas Heath
    Joe and Judy Heidal
    Eric Henning and Renee Houston
    John and Johanne Hewitt
    Charlotte Hill
    Elizabeth Hughes
    Jamie Hui and Brenton Ward
    Holly Bamford Hunt '89 and John Hunt
    Sungjun Hwang and Jungmin Yoo
    Lucy Iwamoto
    Arabie Jaloway
    Ken and Lisa Jangard
    Kurt Jensen and Clair Hollister
    Elizabeth Jensen-Chew '75
    Je and Yong Sook Jeong
    Aliceon (McInroe) Jones '51
    Nate Jones
    Mary Jordan
    Fadil and Shqipe Kaliqani
    Elizabeth (Phillips) Kaufmann '61
    Mary Patricia Keeton
    John Kelly and Susan Ruebush
    Merrilee Kennedy and Matt Kennedy
    David Kenworthy
    George and Leah Keogh
    Susan and John Kerrigan
    Sunil Kukreja and Laura Kiely-Kukreja
    Thomas Kimpel and Lee Carlisle
    Barbara King '62
    Jacquelin (Bonamy) Kintner '52
    Nick Kontogeorgopoulos and Mirelle Cohen
    Ryan and Heidi Kress
    Larry and Sonia Kunz
    Laird Norton Company
    Richard and Barbara Lambert
    Teresa Bell and Kimberly Lane
    Cena Lawshaw and William McIlvride
    Micah LeBank and Jenny Hapgood
    Virginia (Ketcham) Lee '50
    Rick Len
    Fei Leng and Carol Ye
    Kathleen and George Leonard
    Marilyn (Kleinberg) Levin '47
    Sharon Levy
    Chibo Li and Ping Chen
    Amy Longenecker
    Taralynn and Kyle Lorance
    Carol (Goodwin) Lusk '51
    Emily and Amy Lynn
    Mary Lou (Talbott) Macala '70
    Evelyn MacCuaig
    Jessi Ruth MacLeod '60
    Joseph J. Mancuso
    Madeline Mancuso '05MS
    Jean-Francois Mannina
    Alexandra and Anthony Marino
    Warren and Elizabeth Martin
    Crystal and Travis Martin
    Dianne and Fred Matthaei
    Jane (McFarlan) Matthews '64
    Carl McBee and Tia Pliskow
    Mary Ann (Hyslop) McClure '57
    Jennifer and Kim McConnell
    Corey and Mary Ann McCool
    David and Janet McDonald
    Bridgette McGoldrick
    Gayle McIntosh
    Dale and Angela (Salatino) McKee '82MS
    Debbie and Scot Melillo
    Ni Meng
    Robin Menke and Colleen Fallon-Menke
    Maria (Hoyle) Menser '90
    Amy and Justin Mesec
    Deborah Middleton '69
    James and Inge Miller
    Sarah and Shaun Miller
    Charles Minor
    Latasha and Godfred Mintah
    Peter and Elizabeth Morkill
    Salvador Mungia
    Mary Jeanne (Norris) Nelson '42
    Eric and Karen Oie
    Jeff and Jennifer Orr
    Jessica Paco and Ryan Prosser
    Allison and Colby Parks
    Stephen and Jamie Parrott
    Jerome Pendras and Kathleen Kennedy
    Jeffrey Petee and Kathryn Olson
    Adrienne (Ottum) Peterson '04 and Daniel Peterson
    Ryan and Sarah Peterson
    Richard Petrich
    Joy and Tom Phelps
    Charles and Tammy Piatok
    Pinnacle Plumbing, Inc.
    Molly and Peter Prekeges
    Roger and Susan Price
    Kyle and Tiffany Price
    Merritt (Klarsch) Pulliam '92
    Colette and Matthew Rabdau
    Shontae and William Ramsey
    Barbara (Sanders) Rankin '45
    Wilfredo Rapoport and Edessa Bello-Rapoport
    Amy and Timothy Redal
    Giavanna Reyna
    Shaun and Michelle Ripple
    Elizabeth Robertson '66
    The Rockne Family
    Marianne (Broz) Rogers '63
    Joe Romano and Darcy Irvin
    Grace (Jones) Ross '66
    Rodger and Vicki Rozendaal
    Kirk and Sharon Rue
    Chris Sakas
    Tariq and Sally Salam
    Julia (Smith) Samnotra '85
    Kelli Sams
    The Schmitz-Block Family
    Kathy Schuknecht and Hal Geiersbach
    Melissa Schumacher
    Marian Schwartz and Barry Goldstein
    Jennifer and Rick Shafer
    Eric and Michelle Shandrow
    Karen (Gross) Sherman '69
    Donald Sidman and Chandler O'Leary
    Lois (Parker) Simonson '38
    Sarah and Matthew Smith
    Lindsey Snow
    Adam and Patricia Solano-Fah
    Marsha (York) Solmssen '47
    Olivier Soustelle and Stacey Davis
    Courtney Degenfelder Stockton ' 81LS and Jason Stockton
    Emily Stokes
    Courtney and James Stowe
    Shelli and Michael Strate
    Jeremy Stubbs
    Melden and Evelyn Suggett
    Kim (Lenz) Suyama '61
    Kathrine Svensson
    Tracy and Thomas Swartout
    Tiffanie and Brandon Swenson
    Catharine Talbot-Lawson '63
    Kirk Tan and Chi Tran
    Nicole Taylor
    Carlye (Hawkins) Teel '60
    The Kula Foundation
    Heidi Theiss
    Robert Thomson
    Eleanor (Walker) Threlkel '55
    Ginny (Stouffer) Torres '64
    Mary Trodden '69
    Sherrie and Philip Turner
    Bertha 'BJ' Turnipseed
    Barbara Turpin '80
    Felipe UcCanche
    Tanya Vail
    Sharon (Conner) Van De Velde '53
    Carole (Koza) Varghese '92
    Emil Verbovski and Mary Jones Verbovski
    Aliya (Merali) Virani '96
    Clare Wagstaff
    Kelly Walden
    Mary Waldo
    Nancy Waters
    Dean Weber
    Sherah and Jeremy Webster
    Wendy Weeks and Dan Murphy
    John and Laura Weir
    Wells Fargo Educational Matching Gift Program
    Christopher Wenzel and Suzanne Little
    Sarah Wenzlick
    Bryan and Emily Weston
    Stephanie Whittle
    Amy (Nyce) Wildt '84
    Jen and Ben Willey
    Rebecca (Broughton) Wood '56
    Gabriel Wood '98MS
    Tim and Kristen Wynne
    Chi Xu and Yan Huang
    Mark Ye and Connie Wang
    Sam and Myong Yi
    Jean Young and Dale Randles
    Luna Yu
    Malia Zablan
    Jared and Alana Zautner


Annie Wright Schools
Main Campus:
827 North Tacoma Avenue
Tacoma, WA 98403

Downtown Campus:
936 Broadway
Tacoma, WA 98402

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Founded in Tacoma, Washington, in 1884, Annie Wright Schools serve students from age three through high school. Annie Wright Lower and Middle Schools offer co-ed programs in Preschool through Grade 8, while separate Upper Schools for girls and boys offer day and boarding options in Grades 9 through 12. Annie Wright is proud to be an International Baccalaureate World School.