Heritage Society

The Heritage Society recognizes Annie Wright alumni, parents, and friends who have committed to planned giving to the school. These gifts are the cornerstone of Annie Wright’s financial success and stability, and the Annie Wright Schools community is deeply grateful to all Heritage Society members for these expressions of loyalty and support.
Members of the Annie Wright Heritage Society include those who have committed to one or more of the following deferred gifts: bequest, charitable remainder trust, charitable gift annuity, life insurance, gift of residence of farm with a retained life estate, or making Annie Wright a beneficiary of a retirement account.
Jae-Chan Ahn and Young-Sun Nam
Shirley Anderson '52
Sally (Peterson) Atherton '66
Grace (Brynolson) Atkinson* '33
Elaine (Tubbs) Austin* '36
Martine Baker-Anderson* '57
Ruth (Nunan) Bartells* '26
Sue (Spiegle) Batema '61
R. James Bates*
Barry and Susan Bauska
Mildred Anne (Campbell) Bechtel* '45
Florence Behnke*
Catherine (McPherson) Bernhard* '30
Suzanne (Baker) Bethke* '55
Kay Bishop '60
Ruth Bishop* '63
Ann Bogrette
Dzidra Briedis*
Betty Lou (Ervin) Broderick '53
Samuel Brown*
Alma (Corry) Campbell Fleet '64
Laura and Mark Carlson
Michael Churng and Kate Dorr '96
Tad Ellis*
Mary (Turrill) Ellis '39
Anne Field*
Jane (Spencer) Foster* '56
Will and Anne (Middleton) Foster '70
Barbara (Leake) Glasgow* '36
Pamela Hanson '70
E. Harvey Headland*
Greta (Shaw) Heide* '24
Allan and Melissa* (Sallee Sheldon) Hess '63
Henry and Barbara Hewitt*
William and Anne (Fisher) Hofius '55
William* and Elizabeth (Doud) Hyde '38
Mildred (Russell) Jensen '50
Joan Gardner-Johnston
Barbara (Roberts) Kenney '38
Helen (Edwards) Kenney '46
Rebecca Kirkpatrick '97
Susan Kirkpatrick
Janet (Ferris) Koltun-Titus '53
James Mack Koon Jr
Elizabeth (Allen) Koons* '36
Michèle Laboda '79
John and Sara Long
Rose Magrini*
Susan and David Manger
Patricia (Gibson) McAvity '60
Amy (Schanno) McCarthy '54
John and Burdette (Craig) McClelland* '36
Edward and Adele (Houx) Miller '49
Kathryn Monroe*
Allen and Elizabeth (Ayrault) Moses '48
Marjorie Oda-Burns '66
Yu Chin Pan
J. Bruce and Laura (Gonyea) Partridge '70
Cordelia (Hartwell) Puttkammer '57
Marlene (Westfall) Robbins '73
Peggy Lou (Stebbins) Roberts '35*
Jean (Harriett) Roskos*
Priscilla Royal '62
Frances (Young) Rushton* '38
Ruth (McFarland) Rystogi* '31
Robert and Eleanor* Sanders
Rand and Lynn (Beaty) Sealey '61
Jay and Peachy Smalling
Lance and Marion (Williamson) Shipley '89
Ann (Terteling) Sparks* '53
Barbara (Brooks) Spaulding* '34
Mary Jane Stamm* '42
Herman Tenzler*
Camilla Titcomb*
Mary Trodden '69
Bob and Emily (McFadon) Vincent '49
Kristen Wallerich '75
Marilyn (Muckey) Walter '44
Barbara Jean White Eckles
Peter and Karen (Warren) Wickstrand '60
Wilbur Woodhams*
Virginia (Baker) Woolf '36

*Denotes individuals who have already left their legacy to Annie Wright Schools.


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Tacoma, WA 98403

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Founded in Tacoma, Washington, in 1884, Annie Wright Schools serve students from age three through high school. Annie Wright Lower and Middle Schools offer co-ed programs in Preschool through Grade 8, while separate Upper Schools for girls and boys offer day and boarding options in Grades 9 through 12. Annie Wright is proud to be an International Baccalaureate World School.