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Annual Philanthropy Report 2021-2022

Your generosity is Annie Wright Schools' strength

Thank you to all of Annie Wright Schools' donors, supporters and volunteers. Your investments in Annie Wright Schools support excellent education, inspire teachers to dream big for their students, provide plentiful programming, and bolster this iconic institution. 

Donors are recognized for their contributions to Annie Wright Schools during the fiscal year of July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022. Thank you also to the many individuals and institutions who gave anonymously.

List of 9 items.

  • Visionaries Society: $10,000+

    Sally (Peterson) Atherton ’66 and Robert Atherton
    Bates Family Foundation
    Betty Lou (Ervin) Broderick ’53
    H.E. Anderson Family Foundation
    The Hoffman Driscoll Family
    Michelle Hunter-Behrend and Glen Behrend
    Qudsia and Asif Khan
    Korum for Kids Foundation
    Linda (Waldherr) Riggio ’67
    Summit Trust
    The Bamford Foundation
  • Founders Society: $5,000-$9,999

    Allison Campbell and Jason Loan
    Judith (Yengling) Forkner ’63
    Rebekah (Holmberg) Kato ’88 and David Kato
    Seung Chan Lee and So Yeon Kim
    Merrill (Wagner) Ryman ’53
    David and Kenny Tuckerman
    The Walkey Family
  • Arches Society: $2,500-$4,999

    Andrew and Kendall Becherer
    Christine and John Bray
    Stephanie Cook ’88
    Jeff Davis and Shelly Abella-Davis
    Anne (Middleton) Foster ’70 and Will Foster
    Mary Ellen (Wiborg) Green ’66MS and Larry Green
    Jake Guadnola ’90MS and Stacey Guadnola
    Brody and Chanda Kunz
    Lucky Seven Foundation
    Jane (Weyerhaeuser) McFee ’60
    Tamae Sasaki
    Xin Shan and Xushen Zhang
    Derek and Doug Stanley-Hunt
    Laura and Ross Treleven
  • Pioneers Society: $1,000-$2,499

    Deborah (Kalahan) Altschul ’71 and Jeffrey Altschul
    Nicole Ancich and Brian Bumpers
    Barry Anton and Maren Stavig
    Chace and Jason Asbjornsen
    Omri Bahat and Tara Reck
    James and Susan Baillon
    Thomas Baker and Stephanie Halstead
    Laura Bales ’85 and Geoffrey Dugan
    Koji and Yuki Ban
    A. William Bickle, III
    Bobby’s Fund Foundation
    Boeing Gift Matching Program
    Ida Breyer
    Jack Butson
    Amanda and Brian Carpenter
    Christina (Engl) Carroll ’60
    Shiv Chandrasekaran and Lavanya Sundararajan
    Fan Chen and Zhen Li
    Stephanie (Smith) Christensen ’68
    Norm and Suzie Dicks
    Andrea and Thomas Donovan
    Douglas and Kathleen Dorr
    Laura and George Edman
    Shirley (Robbins) Baskin Familian ’38
    John Felleisen and Lorraine Lee
    Gwen and Douglas Gill
    Deborah and Thomas Goodall
    Heidi Grace
    Ron Grondin and Lorie Hamiwka
    Daniel Guerra and Jee Young Kim
    Janelle Guirguis-Blake and Jeffrey Blake
    Amy and Michael Haedt
    Margund (Primus) Haskell ’61 and John Haskell
    Nick Malden and Barbara Headley
    Lara Herrmann
    Lu Huang and Rui Meng
    Yu-Yu Huang and Rong-Son Jeng
    Sarah and Juan Iregui
    Robert Iwamoto
    Dana and Joshua Johnston
    Harbir Juj and Brian Smith
    Nicholas Kaiser
    Ji Hyun Kim and Young Sook Choi
    So Young Kim and Chul Hwan Seul
    Drs. Manuel and Silvia La Rosa
    Marshall Lai and Lynn Liu
    David Law and Kristin Stockard
    Damani Leech ’90MS
    Phyllis Lewis
    Lu and Xingye Li
    Shuang Li and Jin Wang
    Yanhong and Zhiqiang Li
    Wei Liu and Li Li
    Vinay and Krystal Malhotra
    Microsoft Matching Gift Program
    Delinda (McCormick) Mix ’50
    Sarah and Martin Mourino
    Marjorie Oda-Burns ’66
    Hiroshi and Youmei Okamura
    David Overton and Katherine Steuart
    Yash and Veena Pal
    Michael Petrusic and Vanessa Witt
    Cordelia (Hartwell) Puttkammer ’57 and Charles Puttkammer
    Maria Rojas and Jorge Villamil
    Rodger and Vicki Rozendaal
    Olga Sagan
    The Salam Family
    Alicia and Glenn Sands
    Seattle Bagel Bakery
    Kyle Smith and Gayle Hampton-Smith
    Erik Sund and Monica Ghosh
    Pauline (Williams) Sutton ’46
    Cynthia Tang and Bright Chiu
    Chaya Venkatesh and Tomer Vandsburger
    Jennifer and Thomas Vertetis
    Aliya (Merali) Virani ’96 and Rudy Virani
    Yanjie Wang
    Jean and Justin Webber
    Peter and Bettina Weiss
    Christopher Wenzel
    Karen (Warren) Wickstrand ’60 and Peter Wickstrand
    Kara and Matthew Wood
    Min Wu and Yu Mao
    Clay Zhang and Diane Bai
  • Innovators Society: $500-$999

    Jowairiyya and Nauman Ahmad
    Dave and Cappri Boitano
    Barbara Bowden
    Brooks Brainerd
    Janice and Warwick Bryant
    Jan and Judy Buennagel
    Sandra and Christopher Bush
    Kristin and Kenny Byrne
    Gretchen (Collins) Campbell ’60
    Tenley and Eric Cederstrand
    Wenyan Chen-Li and Suyang Li
    Wenlin Chen and Lirong Xie
    Herbert and Sarah Daniels
    Karen (Smith) DeBolt ’92 and Bob DeBolt
    Francesca Eastman and Edward Goodstein
    Richard and Matilda Eide
    Michael Espenan and Eva Smietana
    Benjamin and Gretchen Evans
    Grace and Michael Finch
    Joshua Gleser and C’Ardiss Gardner Gleser
    Gates Family Office
    Matthew Gim and Harim Cha
    Annie and Brian Green
    Christine (Smith) Griffiths ’95 and Jason Griffiths
    Suzanne and David Hattery
    Mollie and Brent Heilesen
    Donald and Nancy Hess
    Thanongsak Himsoon and Wipawee Siriwongpairat
    Catherine Hu and Edwin Coe
    Damin Hu and Lihong Zhou
    Heidi Hurst McKeown and Timothy McKeown
    Fumiko and Shinya Ikegami
    Harpreet and Ritu Jaswal
    Lei Jia and Yuxiang Liu
    Chelen Johnson
    Bill and Marcia Katica
    Ji and Antony Kim
    Shaena Langley
    Jeppe Larsen and Charlotte Roth
    Samara and Timothy Laynor
    Robin Lee and Susie Sun
    Lamar ’Mardi’ Leland ’58
    Frances and Tony Maas
    Bret Maddox and Amy Condon
    Thomas and Julie Martin
    Zeeba and Arun Mathews
    Sophie and Glendon McCallum
    Sheila and Michael McEvilly
    Kristina Merriman-Kaiser and Philip Kaiser
    Sandra Merriman-Malakowsky
    Deborah (Middleton) ’69 and Barry Cassidy
    Forrest Miller and Linda Sferra
    Elizabeth (Ayrault) Moses ’48 and Allen Moses
    Suzanne and Elliott Mueller
    Brian Mulhall
    Michael and Janet Murry
    Deanne Nakamoto and Frank Farach
    Thi Minh and The Phong Nguyen
    Tao Niu
    Yongtae Oh Kim ’88
    Edith Oppenheimer
    Robert Ory and Karen Holdner
    Laura Overton
    Angela and Clifford Ozaki
    Steven Palmer
    Phuong Pham and Van Truong
    Rt. Rev. Brian Prior and Staci Prior
    Merritt (Klarsch) Pulliam ’92 and J. Travis Pulliam
    Brenda and Kevin Sanders
    Satterberg Foundation
    Kara and Sean Scanlan
    Elizabeth (Dunn) Schilt ’48
    Jenny and Peter Sheridan
    Dapu Shi
    Marion (Williamson) Shipley ’89 and Lance Shipley
    Marsha* (York) Solmssen ’47
    Nellie Solovjov
    Jennifer and Kasper Sorensen
    Peregrin Sorter and Yoshi Kumara
    Gwyneth (Gregory) Stephenson ’65 and W. Alan Stephenson
    Shelli and Michael Strate
    Christian Sullivan and Lisa Isenman
    Xun Sun and Bin Chen
    Kim (Lenz) Suyama ’61 and George Suyama
    Clare and Ross Swanes
    Tricia (Noel) Taylor ’89
    Monica Torrez-Pfister and William Pfister
    Alan and Jackie Uhlemann
    Laura Weselmann
    Edward and Tiffani Wetherbee
    Jianping Xu and Chunlin Li
    Connie and Jason Yu
    Qiang Zhang and Li Bao
  • Friends of Annie Wright: $1-$499

    Melanie Aamidor
    Philamer and Robert Adams
    Aeisha and Zahid Adnan
    Aaron Alva
    Bonnie Jean (Will) Anderson ’57 and Steve Anderson
    Dorothy Anderson
    Kimberly Anderson ’96MS and Brett Sizemore
    Stephanie Anderson ’96 and Joshua Anderson
    Mariya and Oleg Andrushko
    Amalia Annest and Michael Case
    Eric Anton ’97LS
    The Rev. Elizabeth Appling ’63 and Karen Eaton
    Margaret Archbold
    Debbie Arthur
    Barbara (Staples) Ashley ’58
    Andrew and Amber Baillon
    Judith Baker
    Jordan (Bakken) Balcom ’01MS
    Susan (Rooney) Baldwin ’59
    Gregory Bamford and Shannon Armitage
    Jeff and Laura Barber
    Rex and Angela Bates
    Gaeel Morrison Beaham ’ 57
    Louisa Bean ’73
    Jennifer Beard
    Erin (Lombard) Beasley ’53
    Terry and Scott Beck
    Mary and Toby Benefield
    Kathryn Benson and Leslie Kastrop
    Hattie Bethke
    Brent Biggs and Brian Dore
    Lisa Bill
    Jennifer Bills
    Mark Blanchard and Deby Tingley
    Melissa and Kyle Bland
    Dymphna and John Bloodworth
    Allegra and Jed Bothell
    Andrew and Kaylie Braunstein
    Rebecca Brickman
    Kelley Brine-Rhodes and John Rhodes
    Medina Broadenax
    Kathy Brooke
    Ashley and Robert Brown
    Debbie and Michael Brown
    Kendra Brown ’14
    Courtney and Andrew Browne
    Donald and Aubrey Bruce
    Gina Bruce
    Tyler Burns
    Patricia and Bradley Busick
    Olena and Alex Byelashova
    Allen Cai and Michelle Ng
    Patrick and Angelica Calcote
    Nicki Callahan and Edward Armbruster
    Scott Campbell
    Colette Candy
    Loretta and Bob Cantore
    Xiaoming Cao and Xiaoyu Wang
    Amy and Rain Carei
    Carlyle Group Wealth Sharing Program
    Beth Carter and Gareth Barkin
    Lara and Brian Carter
    Ashley Casey
    Arturo and Patricia Casillas
    Annika Cederstrand ’17’
    Avery Cederstrand ’11MS
    Tracy and Michael Chait
    Amanda and Fu Chang
    Catherine (McCurdy) Chatalas ’58
    Smita Chavan and Vijay Bage
    Jorge and Valentina Chaves
    Wenkang Che
    Mezgebu Chefo and Etenesh Bogale
    Irene Chen and Edwin Kuo
    Hwakong Cheng and Kena Fox-Dobbs
    David Cho and Sunita Benning
    Lorraine and Jeff Clare
    Sheri and Jim Clark
    Bruce Clotworthy and Leslie Schaar
    Ashley Cobb and Richard Bell
    Seana and John Connelly
    Andrew Conner and Margaret Freeman-Conner
    Zack Considine
    Nancy Cook
    Wendi and Steve Cook
    Diane and David Cooper
    Zeta and Justin Cooper
    Eireann Corrigan
    Ada and Victor Cotto
    Rachael Crampton
    Jeanne Cubanski and Roger Anderson
    Louise Culham and Greg Heacock
    Dorota Czub and Sylvester Mroczek
    Joseph Rey Dago-oc and Jocelyn Burgos-Dago-oc
    Alexis Daily and David Blackburn
    Sondra and Jack Daugherty
    Malcolm Davidson
    Amber and Jason de la Vega
    Scott and Shanley Deal
    Diane (Lile) DeAutremont ’70 and Dan DeAutremont
    Tom and Lois Deckard
    Ken and Alison Deem
    Marie (Harte) Dempcy ’52
    Deborah and Ray Denison
    Emy and Christopher Depretis
    Ann Dickman ’63LS and Daniel Koch
    Ann and Ryan Dicks
    Bradford Dillman and Joanne Clarke Dillman
    Janet Dillon
    Eric Dimou and Alicia Carter
    Camille (Seeley) Dokken ’61 and Gerald Dokken
    Katherine Dorr ’96 and Michael Churng
    Karen Doten and Matthew Frantz
    Miguel and Naomi Douglas
    Troy Droubay
    Monique and James Dubose
    Sara (Magoon) Dudgeon ’65 and Peter Dudgeon
    Eli Dugan ’21
    Jamie and Matthew Dunning
    Kim-Trang Duong and Hung Nguyen
    Eryn and Suvro Dutta
    Ashton Eather and Matt Garrett
    Marie (Dodge) Eaton ’64 and Mary Ellen O’Keefe
    Laura and Thomas Edgar
    Andres Eguiguren and Bao Tran
    Oksana and Fedor Ekkert
    Stephen and Cathy Elder
    Jaison Elkins and Lindsay Prairie Chicken
    Lydia and Patrick Elliott
    Mark and Lynn Enebrad
    Michael and Amber English
    DeWayne Enyeart and Joan Knapp
    Molly Erford
    Tony and Kala Escobar
    Claire Fallat ’08
    Jack Fallat and Christine Nettle
    Zhigang Fan and Yanfang Jiang
    Barry Fick
    Janna Fikkan
    Bianca and George Filiss
    Barbara Finch
    Susan Flagg
    Jennifer Flood and Ulrik Wallin
    Sydney and Benjamin Foutz
    Britney and Travis Frazier
    Jeff Freshwater
    Elise Friedrich-Nielsen and Jeffrey Nielsen
    Kirsten and Brian Gabele
    Owen Gabrielson and Megan Farr
    Erin and Joe Gann
    Danni Gao
    Song Gao
    Jessica Garcia and Matthew Jones
    Holly and Jesse Gilbert
    Amardeep and Amandeep Gill
    Stacey E. Gillette
    Ariel and Sam Glavick
    Molly and Stephan Godleski
    Wendy (Severin) Goldfein ’71 and Michael Goldfein
    Tracey Golding
    Dayanara Gonzalez Flores ’19
    Jennifer and Matthew Gordon
    Ingrid Gourley-Mungia and Richard Carpenter
    Ruth and Cory Greenfield
    Travis and Laura Groves
    Xuying  Guan and Ji Xiao
    John and Julie Guerard
    Karen Gundersen-Nutting ’82
    Sylvia Haase ’58
    Natasha and Nolan Hackett
    Stuart and Mary Hake
    Alison Hale
    Jennifer Haley ’89
    Nancy and Mark Haley
    Jenn Halverson Kuehn and Michael Kuehn
    Joffrey Hammond
    Mrs. Gayle Hampton-Smith
    John Han and Ju Hyeon Kim
    Dorothea (Cragin) Hanich ’63
    Caroline Hanschen
    Betta Hanson
    Pamm Hanson ’70
    Yuko Hashimoto and Ari Shimogawara
    Jennifer Hasson
    Matina Hawkins
    Angela and Nicholas Heath
    Lorien and Carl Hess
    Nicola Hewitt and Francis Wartelle
    Scottie Hill and Andrew Gleckman
    Marisol Hinojosa and Keon Rodgers
    Jordan and Jacob Hinton
    Lisa Hirschmann
    Toni (Orkney) Hoffman ’71 and Rod Hoffman
    Clair Hollister and Kurt Jensen
    Deborah (Kass) Hubbard ’68 and Grant Hubbard
    Coralee and Leo Hudson-Friedrich
    Paul Hughes
    Ramandeep and Pavitsher Hundal
    John and Holly Hunt
    Ken and Chana Hwahn
    Lori and Andrei Ionescu
    Jennifer Irigoyen
    Nicole Isgrigg
    Lucy and Ruth Iwamoto
    Ruth and Lucy Iwamoto
    Elizabeth Jensen Chew ’75 and Jim Chew
    Clare Jeong ’14
    Stephanie Jewett and William Mitchell
    Saiyue Jiang and Feng Lin
    Jiao Jiao and Yi Hu
    Xiaoxiao Jin and Zhizhong Cao
    Christina Johns
    Anneliese and Brian Johnson
    Aliceon (McInroe) Jones ’51
    Jeff Jones
    Meehae Joo
    Hardev and Balbir Juj
    Denise (Dye) Justis ’69
    Danielle Kalitan and Todd Wetzel
    Dr. Kalyan Kanneganti and Dr. Swapna Muppuri
    Elizabeth (Phillips) Kaufmann ’61 and Jack Kaufmann
    Harpreet Kaur and Tanbir Khanuja
    Robert Kearns
    Wendy Kearns
    Diane (Rexroth) Keller ’50
    Heidi (Korb) Kennedy ’61
    Kathleen Kennedy and Mark Pendras
    Meredith and Brian Kenney
    Nicharat and Peerapon Ketusiri
    Laura Kiely Kukreja and Sunil Kukreja
    Chang and Jamie Kim
    Ji-Min Kim and Jayden Lee
    Kisun and Honggyu Kim
    Kyu Kim and Jason Severns
    Amy and Brayton Knapp
    Lisa Kremer
    Julie and Stefan Krick
    Sonia and Larry Kunz
    Matthew Landis
    Kimberly Lane
    GJ and Arlette Laudy
    Matiele and Daniel Law
    Madora Lawson
    Danny and Audrey Leckner
    Virginia (Ketcham) Lee ’50
    Rick Len
    Katherine and George Leonard
    Marilyn (Kleinberg) Levin ’47
    Chelsea Levy ’94MS and Josh McDonald
    Sharon Levy
    George and Melissa Lewis
    Qi Li and Zhenshi Lin
    Yinghong Li and Piyong Yan
    Chiaching Lin and Leif Wefferling
    Yvonne Liu and Mu Hu
    Roger and Tracy Lone
    Jenna Lott
    Rebecca and Christopher Lupton
    Carol (Goodwin) Lusk ’51
    Emily and Amy Lynn
    Yinmao Ma and Yingchun Wang
    Mary Lou (Talbott) Macala ’70
    Evelyn MacCuaig
    Jessi Ruth MacLeod ’60
    Kelli Managhan
    Joseph J. Mancuso
    Jackie and David Mangum
    Kenneth Manley
    Kristina Maritczak and James Defebaugh
    Warren and Elizabeth Martin
    Nonila Masmela
    Victoria and Robert Masselink
    Alicia Mathurin
    Wendy and Troy Matsuyama
    Sarah Maynard-Murray and Jonathan Murray
    Mary Ann (Hyslop) McClure ’57 and James McClure
    Alyssa and Brendan McGuire
    Gayle McIntosh
    Angela (Salatino) McKee ’82MS and Dale McKee
    Alex Megson and Ashley Cantu
    Ali Mehdizadeh Kashi
    Maria (Hoyle) Menser ’90 and Daniel Menser
    Sharon Merrifield
    Amy and Justin Mesec
    Larry Meyer and Tyler Benjamin
    Tatyana Mikeladze and Golaev Konstantin
    Mary and Justin Mingels
    Charles Minor
    Joshua and Elsie Mitchell
    Katharine Monthy ’99
    Tasha Moore
    Sally (Rooney) Morbeck ’61 and John Morbeck
    Anne Morkill ’97MS
    Jennifer and Mikael Mortensen
    Michael and Tatiana Motschman
    Cornelia Moynihan
    Catherine Mulhall
    Salvador Mungia
    Jeremiah and Jacqueline Murlless
    Paula and Michael Murtha
    Charles Near and Kimberley Sampadian
    Maria Nelson ’76 and William Congleton
    Network for Good
    Linh and Luan Nguyen
    Irene Njoroge and James Mburu
    Katherine Nolan
    Bridgette O’Brien
    Shanan O’Driscoll Hedges and Matthew Hedges
    Amy Odegard and Trevor Dennie
    Karen and Eric Oie
    Jeffrey Petee and Kathryn Olson
    Stacey and Eli Olson
    Janice and Russell Otani
    Sue Overton
    Marjorie and Samuel Page
    Young Ki Paik and Mi Jang
    Lubin Pan
    Allison and Colby Parks
    Stephen and Jamie Parrott
    Mauli Patel and Evan Serpa
    Jinghua Pei
    Barbara Pendras and Paul Bishop
    Adrienne (Ottum) Peterson ’04
    Elaine and Joseph Petrosky
    Lloyd (Allen) Pettichord ’60 and Ronald Pettichord
    Linh Phan
    Joy and Tom Phelps
    Kylin and Joshua Pieper
    Pinnacle Plumbing, Inc.
    Kathleen Pizzolatto and Kevin Rose
    Kelli and David Plevyak
    Tia Pliskow and Carl McBee
    Tracy and Jeffrey Powell
    Barbie Pratt
    Kyle and Tiffany Price
    Roger and Susan Price
    Ayla Quellhorst and Robert Yep
    Sabareesan Radhakrishnan and Uma Maheswari Balasubramanian
    Shontae and William Ramsey
    Wilfredo Rapoport and Edessa Bello-Rapoport
    Ellen (Pearson) Redfield ’57
    The Reilly Family
    Barrie Resnikoff
    Giavanna Reyna
    Michelle and Shaun Ripple
    Marlene (Westfall) Robbins ’73
    Ruth and David Roberson
    Bradley Roberts and Rebekke Von Hessert
    Carol Rogers
    Marianne (Broz) Rogers ’63 and J. Scott Rogers
    Peter Roppo and Berengaria Winkler
    Grace (Jones) Ross ’66
    Anthony Rudd and Anna Lawson
    Carl Salts
    Norma Schellberg
    James and Jennifer Schmitz
    Kathy Schuknecht and Hal Geiersbach
    Robert and Dawn Scotlan
    Jodi and Scott Scribner
    Lynn (Beaty) Sealey ’61 and Rand Sealey
    Harjeet and Ajaipal Sekhon
    Jennifer Shafer
    Karen (Gross) Sherman ’69 and Michael Sherman
    Traci and Charles Shillito
    Julie Shioshita and Craig Iriye
    Donald Sidman
    Vikram Singh and Archana Thakur
    Fransje Slothouber Giles and Justin Giles
    Ramona (Dunbar) Smart ’93 and Wade Smart IV
    Katherine Smith and Jesse Alton
    Katherine Smith and Michael Crow
    Maureen Smith and Dominique’ Jinhong
    Stephanie and Brett Smith
    Lindsey Snow
    John Song and Jasmine Han
    Cecilia and Christopher Sorci
    Ashley and Chris Spivey
    Kimberly Stanfield and Ross Heasty
    Andrea and Andreas Stangenberg
    Shaina and Karl Stavem
    Katie Stewart
    Myah and David Stone
    Courtney and James Stowe
    Kimberly and Jack Stracke
    Virginia and Steve Stringfellow
    Amy and Ryan Strong
    Jeremy Stubbs and Katherine Miller
    Kim Stubbs
    Yongli Sun and Xin Dang
    Tiffanie and Brandon Swenson
    Ross Syford-Hoyle ’63
    Catharine Talbot-Lawson ’63
    Barbara and Gregory Tanbara
    Eleanor Tanbara ’19
    Madison Tanbara ’13
    Carlye (Hawkins) Teel ’60
    Heidi Theiss
    Le Thoa
    Michelle Thomas
    Patricia Thumann
    Nia and Bhabiswar Tiwari
    Roberto* Toledo
    Thanh Tran and Minh Hien Phan
    Mary Trodden ’69
    Dawn and Joshua Turnipseed
    Chi and Yuna Underwood
    Emil Verbovski and Mary Jones Verbovski
    Kristen (Credgington) Vogt ’89 and William Vogt
    Gretchen Voskuhl and John Hayes
    Xuan Vu and Huong Vo
    Suveen Vuppala and Mayura Vuchuru
    Paulette Wadsworth
    Clare Wagstaff-Brown
    Kristen Wallerich ’75
    Debbie and Ross Walsh
    Dasong Wang and Jiayan Zhao
    Kathy Wang and Dan Fong
    Yajun Wang and Yu Hu
    Suzee Waters Benjamin and Tom Benjamin
    Sara Waversveld and Todd Donato
    Wendy Weeks and Dan Murphy
    Barbara Wefferling
    John Weir
    Sarah Wenzlick
    Cooper Wessells
    Bryan and Emily Weston
    Holly (Hewitt) Wight ’61 and W. Dave Wight
    William Wilde
    Amy (Nyce) Wildt ’84 and Shaun Wildt
    Jen and Ben Willey
    Renee and Christopher Willis
    Diane and Christopher Wolford
    Hannah and Landon Wonser
    Caroline Woodhams ’61
    Elise and Bookis Worthy
    Leslie and Anthony Wright
    Tyler and Gayle-Anne Wright
    FeiFei Wu
    Hung-Teng Wu and Yuan-Ling Sun
    Wei Wu
    Ying Wu and Zheng Shen
    Wyman Youth Trust
    Jin Xie and Feng Chen
    Tiffany Y’vonne
    Sam Hun and Myong Chae Yi
    Jean Young
    Luna Yu and Jun Song
    Sherry Yu and Xin Ma
    Yefei Yu
    Malia Zablan
    Alana and Jared Zautner
    Anxin Zhang and Jing Yuan
    Qin Zhang and Li Liu
    Xiaomin and Yuanjing Zhang
    Chantal Zheng and Weiming Yi
    Hong Zhou and Yiying Wang
    Dabo Zhuang and Shuhua Ye
    Judith Zieziulewicz
    Nick Zosel-Johnson and Susan Sparrow
    Arianne Zwartjes
  • In-Kind Gifts

    1st Grade Parents
    2nd Grade Parents
    3rd Grade Parents
    4th Grade Parents
    5th Grade Parents
    Philamer Adams
    Al Lago Ristorante Italiano
    Alexandria Nicole Cellars
    Annie Wright Schools
    AWS Athletics Department
    AWS Auction Committee
    Omri Bahat
    Laura Bales
    Mary Benefield
    Sheila Booze
    Christine Bray
    Browne Family Vineyards
    Corie Cameron
    Allison Campbell
    Tenley Cederstrand
    Celebrity Cake Studio
    Charvic Adult Family Home
    ComfortaBULL DOG Care
    Jeffrey Davis
    James Defebaugh
    Katherine L. Dorr
    Maggie Eliel
    Elsom Cellars
    Jack Fallat
    Grace Finch
    Katrina Flowers-Piercy
    Gretchen Frederick
    Friends of Annie Wright School
    Joe Giampapa
    Douglas Gill
    Grand Classroom
    Gray Lumber Company
    Stacey Guadnola
    Jake Guadnola
    Michael Haedt
    Roche Harbor
    Harbor History Museum
    Spero Hatzidakif
    Heritage Distilling Co.
    Herrmann Law Group
    Hidden Ranch Outfitters, LLC
    Lisa Hoffman
    Karen Holdner
    Michelle Hunter-Behrend
    Juan Iregui
    Craig Iriye
    Robert Jacobs
    Joshua Johnston
    Karp Capital Management
    Asif Khan
    Jee Young Kim
    Kindergarten Parents
    King 5
    Shaena Langley
    Samara Laynor
    McCallum & Sons Whisky Co.
    Metro Tacoma Fencing Club
    Jennifer Mortensen
    OL Reign
    David E. Overton
    John D. Parrott
    Preschool 3-4 Parents
    Preschool 4-5 Parents
    Pulp Design Studio
    Nancy K. Read
    Devon Review
    Kim Reynolds
    Peter Roppo
    Kevin Sanders
    Carol Schmauder
    Scott Scribner
    Lynn Sealey
    Seattle Cascades Professional Ultimate Team
    Kyle Smith
    Michelle Strate
    Tacoma Arts Live
    Tacoma Yacht Club
    The Bellevue Collection
    The Iron Horse Farm
    The Lodges on Vashon
    Toyota of Olympia
    Edward Wetherbee
    Andrew Will Winery
    Christine Woods
    Jared D. Zautner
    Huiqiang Zhao
  • 2021-22 Board of Trustees

    James "Jim" Defebaugh (Chair)
    David Overton (Vice Chair)
    John Parrott (Treasurer)
    Janelle Guirguis-Blake (Secretary)
    Michele Cannon Bessler (Past Chair)
    Sally (Peterson) Atherton ’66
    Diane Bai MD
    Medina Broadenax
    Tenley Cederstrand
    Stephanie Cook ’88
    Jeffrey Davis
    William "Bill" L Driscoll
    Misa Furumoto ’92
    Jason Griffiths
    Manuel La Rosa DDS
    Martha Lantz
    Damani Leech ’90MS
    Marjorie Oda-Burns ’66
    Merritt (Klarsch) Pulliam ’92
    Kevin Sanders
    Monica Torrez-Pfister
    Rt. Rev. Brian Prior (Ex-Officio)
    Alana Zautner (Ex-Officio)
    Jake Guadnola ’94 (Ex-Officio)
  • 2021-22 AWS Parents' Association

    Alana Zautner
    Jennifer Mortensen
    Julie Martin
    Amy Haedt
    Berengaria Winkler
    Amy Condon
    Kate Dorr
    Alicia Sands
    Sonia Pal
    Medina Broadenax
    MeeHae Joo
    Dawn Turnipseed
    Stacey Guadnola
    Wendi Cook
    Derek Stanley-Hunt


Annie Wright Schools
827 North Tacoma Avenue
Tacoma, WA 98403


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Founded in Tacoma, Washington, in 1884, Annie Wright Schools serve students from age three through high school. Annie Wright Lower and Middle Schools offer coed programs in Preschool through Grade 8, while separate Upper Schools for girls and boys offer day and boarding options in Grades 9 through 12. Annie Wright is proud to be an International Baccalaureate World School.